In this episode of “More Influence and Impact,” host Celia Faye Meisel sits down with guest Ruha Ratnam, a branding and business strategist extraordinaire. Together, they explore the power of aligning your brand voice and intentionality across all aspects of your business. From emails and sales reps to client acquisition and everything in between, they reveal why authenticity and boldness matter in building a successful brand. 

Ruha shares invaluable insights on avoiding the pitfalls of copycat behavior and the importance of self-awareness and honoring your own values. They discuss the challenges faced by growing businesses, including managing assets and building teams that accurately represent the brand’s vision.

If you’ve ever wondered how to navigate the ever-changing branding landscape, this episode is a must-listen. Ruha’s expertise will help you find clarity, develop a strong brand strategy, and create a personal brand that truly resonates with your audience. Tune in and level up your influence and impact!


Key Moments:

00:01:36 Helping businesses find their unique messaging and impact.

00:03:48 Leverage experience and data to build brand.

00:08:58 Reflect, analyze, and align your brand identity.

00:14:54 Identify what you like and apply it.

00:17:03 Discovering essence of brand through personal journey.

00:22:28 Your brand is the reputation you build and how people perceive you. It’s important to curate your brand experience.

00:24:56 Brand investment without ROI; basics and industry knowledge.


About Ruha Ratnam:

Ruha Ratnam is a brand strategist and website designer, and the founder of The Designist Studio. She wants more business owners to feel confident showing up as the face of their brand by being uniquely themselves (even if they feel like introverts), so that they can build their authority, grow their audience, and consistently attract their best-fit clients.


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