In today’s episode, Celia’s special guest is Annie Sanchez, a seeker and navigator of change, known as the “queen of the in between.”

Annie shares insights on navigating uncertainty and finding possibility in important moments. They coach sensitive visionary leaders and entrepreneurs through major changes, both strategically and emotionally.

Dive into a conversation that explores the power of clarity, the beauty and sadness of change, and the importance of finding plenty in both life and business.

Key Moments:

[00:01:34] Growing up as a nontraditional learner.

[00:08:25] Thriving in change, finding stability and support.

[00:13:38] Created Clarity Pages journal, trademarked “clarity”.

[00:20:54] Private retreats for goal setting and clarity.

[00:28:03] Understanding who you’re becoming is key.

[00:32:02] Plenty is key – time, sleep, play.

About Annie Sanchez:

A seeker, a navigator of change, a believer in possibility, Annie is Queen of the In Between.

Where identity, community, culture, grief and the messy, often scary, unknown leaves more questions than answers, Annie is on a mission to help people find possibility in the moments that matter most.

She coaches sensitive, visionary leaders and entrepreneurs through big change as a strategic and emotional thought partner.

Born and raised in New Mexico (Tewa Territory), Annie comes from a long line of business owners before entrepreneur was a word in our vocabulary. Her ancestors sewed the seeds for her to be and grow here.

Between holding sacred client space and contributing thought partnership to an all-WOC collaborative of strategists — Annie spends her time thinking, writing, staring at the clouds, and carving out moments for art and rest, while keeping her many houseplants alive.

She currently lives in Albuquerque with her partner, Matt, and kitty, Mantequilla.

Annie Sanchez hosts the Courage, Culture & Clarity podcast, is the creator of Clarity Pages, CEO of Mariposa Strategies and Founder of the Women of Color Culture Club.

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