Join host Celia Faye Meisel in an enlightening conversation with Gina Vance, creator of Somatic Mindful Guided Imagery with over 20 years of experience in healing and personal growth. In this episode, Gina shares the profound impact of connecting with inner truths within the body and subconscious to foster personal and professional growth. From her own journey of overcoming adversity to her transformative healing work, Gina provides valuable insights into the significance of addressing internal needs and embracing various aspects of oneself during inner journeys. 

The discussion delves into how entrepreneurship can be a spiritual path, highlighting the challenges and growth opportunities that accompany it, along with the importance of collaborations and partnerships. Gina also reveals her gentle and effective healing work, emphasizing the availability of mind-body healing tools and modalities for support. 

Listeners will learn about Gina’s approach to guiding individuals in identifying and addressing unconscious beliefs and patterns for personal growth, and how her modality can benefit professionals in various fields such as marketing, sales, or coaching. Gina also details her intensive training program aimed at trauma work, creating a peaceful and kind environment for participants to authentically share and grow.

Throughout the episode, Gina imparts wisdom on connecting to one’s essential self and expressing it to positively influence others. Experience a rich, immersive journey that surpasses entertainment media, and be prepared to be inspired to connect with your inner resources for ultimate growth.


Key Moments:

00:00 Show supports business and personal growth, certifications.

03:40 Transitioned into teaching protocol, now widely practiced.

07:02 Reconnecting with lost parts makes us stronger.

12:04 New entrepreneurs will have transformative experiences.

14:16 Clients empowered to overcome barriers, expand goals.

17:15 6-month intensive training with weekly sessions.

21:33 Discover your essence and embrace your destiny.

25:55 Entrepreneurship journey is a soul awakening process.

29:24 Grateful for difficult past, serves others with empathy.

32:02 Welcome, peruse, share, and be blessed.


About Gina Vance:

Gina Vance is a masterful inner-journey guide with a passion for teaching others how to heal with the protocol she developed: Somatic Mindful Guided Imagery® or, SMGI®.

After a career in engineering, drawing up complex plans and helping contractors to build them, excruciating pain put Gina on a path of research and training that introduced her to the mind-body methods that helped her to heal the post-traumatic stress at the root of her physical pain.

Having triumphed over her own trauma, and spent over two decades helping others to heal, Gina’s developed an inner-journeying process in SMGI® that’s very simple, easy to use, and gets profound results.

How to connect with Gina Vance:






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