In this episode of “More Influence and Impact,” host Celia Faye Meisel interviews special guest Carrie Wolff, an operations expert at Wolfden Professional Solutions. Carrie shares her insights on the importance of centralizing business data and how it can transform a disorganized and chaotic business into an efficient and impactful one. 


Discover how centralizing data into custom KPI metric dashboards can help business owners make informed and real-time decisions, optimize their strategies, and reach their revenue goals. Don’t miss out on this episode where Carrie’s expertise as a self-proclaimed numbers nerd shines through and provides valuable tips and solutions for business owners seeking to create a more influential and impactful business. 


Key Moments:

00:02:04 Business owners need centralized real-time data to make informed decisions.

00:05:00 Dashboard helps reach revenue goals by analyzing data.

00:10:13 Close client collaboration for achieving business goals.

00:13:45 Customized brand dashboard enhances emotional connection.

00:17:29 Importance of SOPs for business operations and emergencies.

00:21:28 SOP outlines team communication expectations, reduces CEO workload

00:24:01 Digital SOP library streamlines organizing and accessing procedures.


About Carrie Wulf:


Carrie’s path to organizational excellence began years ago as the wife of an active-duty soldier. She found herself needing to figure out how to move her family of 5 plus pets and special education needs logistically from point A to point B all in one happy-to-be-here piece. To do this successfully, she had to become an organizational guru. 


During this time, Carrie realized how much she loved developing plans, workflows, and procedures. Strategies that made life easier. She has turned that love and those skills into her dream business. Carrie wants everyone to wake up in the morning excited to get at it – building their lifetime dream – just like she does. 

Carrie’s life as a military spouse had her interacting with many different organizations, non-profit groups, and military officials. She has developed a high level of professionalism and commitment that she has put into her business. This lady does it all; she is confident when she tells you that she and her team of Virtual Experts® will strategize and organize a successful plan for your business and team members to become all they can be.


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