Join host Celia Faye Meisel on a powerful journey with special guest Sabine Gedeon in the latest episode of “More Influence and Impact.” As a leader in personal development and the founder of Gideon Enterprises, Sabine unpacks the intricate dance between mindset, leadership, and the entrepreneurial spirit. She candidly shares her transition from corporate HR to launching her own business, revealing insights into the pivotal role of self-discovery and the life-changing questions we must ask ourselves: “Who am I?” and “What do I want?”

Dive deep into thought-provoking discussions about the influences of childhood conditioning on our adult identities and decisions, the transformation from seeking empowerment to owning your inherent power, and the nuanced struggles women face in positions of authority. Sabine challenges the conventional paradigm of ‘choosing a career path’ from childhood, advocating for a world where multiple paths and the freedom of choice are celebrated. 

Throughout this episode, Celia and Sabine explore the symptomatic journey of living out of alignment with one’s power, providing personal anecdotes and professional advice for healing and moving forward. Learn how to navigate and embrace your emotions to gain awareness and growth, and discover Sabine’s strategies for effective time management and leadership.

Key Moments:

00:00 Left corporate job, now focuses on coaching.

06:05 Deep spiritual studies highlight importance of self-awareness.

09:11 Early career questioning labels, true essence shines.

10:40 Feeling internal urge to change how women are described and viewed.

16:02 Exploring power and femininity in different contexts.

17:09 Encouraging women to assert themselves and use power.

23:28 Recognize recurring situations, heal from past experiences.

27:34 Finding freedom and success through emotional processing.

28:57 Embrace and navigate life’s negative emotions beautifully.

31:42 Women entrepreneurs need business, sales, marketing, and support.

About Sabine Gedeon:

Sabine Gedeon is a powerhouse in leadership and personal development. As the founder of She Leads Network and host of the top-rated podcast, “Women of Power, Purpose & Prosperity,” she specializes in supporting women and emerging leaders during pivotal seasons of transition, helping them embrace a growth mindset, cultivate meaningful connections, and lead purposeful lives. An accomplished author, she has penned influential books such as “LeadHership Reloaded” and “Transformed: The Journey to Becoming.”

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