Join host Celia Faye Meisel as she welcomes special guest Laura Dixon to the podcast. Laura, a former corporate ladder climber and director at a fortune 500 tech company, developed a revolutionary approach called the “Naturally Thin Method” that helped her feel incredible in her body, lose weight, and maintain it effortlessly. As a highly sought-after coach, Laura now teaches this method to super achievers who want to break free from diet neurosis and live in their dream bodies.

In this episode, Celia and Laura delve into the common struggles women face when it comes to weight loss and body image. They critique the prevailing messaging around restrictive and deprivation-based approaches, highlighting the dysfunctional cycle it creates. They explore the challenges high achievers encounter in their quest for optimal weight and how these struggles can impact personal and professional success.

Throughout their conversation, Celia and Laura discuss the power of trusting one’s body and its natural cues to determine hunger levels, optimal satisfaction, and food choices. They emphasize the importance of self-discovery and finding what truly makes each individual feel energized and lean. 

Discover how to break free from the dieting mindset and cultivate a naturally thin body with Laura Dixon’s powerful insights and coaching. Tune in to gain invaluable tools and skills to create influence and impact in your own life, both personally and professionally.


Key Moments:

00:01:47 High achievers struggle with body image, food.

00:05:44 People struggle with diets, weight, and exercise.

00:09:59 Naturally Thin method helps reconnect with body.

00:13:28 Trust your body, choose what feels good.

00:18:34 Food as a coping mechanism for anxiety.

00:21:52 Success can lead to overeating due to stress.

00:25:36 Membership for naturally thin method, personalized tools for body, self-coaching, 90-day process for long-term success.


About Laura Dixon:

Former corporate ladder climber, Director at a Fortune 500 tech company, who was obsessively dieting and wanted to be naturally thin. Laura discovered what she calls “the Naturally Thin Method” that allowed her to feel incredible in her body, lose weight and keep it off easily before, during and after having kids. The method involves no restriction or deprivation and now she teaches it to other super-achievers who want to end the diet neurosis and live peacefully in their dream bodies.


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