In this episode of More Influence and Impact, Celia Faye Meisel interviews Michele Lambert, diving deep into the importance of trusting and relying on your team in order to effectively scale your business and increase your influence and impact.

They discuss the common tendency for individuals to believe they are the only ones who can handle certain tasks and understand everything, and why this mindset creates a bottleneck in business growth. They emphasize the need to delegate and empower team members to contribute their unique skill sets and ideas, leading to enhanced projects and increased productivity.

Michele shares insights on hiring the right assistants or team members based on individual needs, whether it’s to handle tasks or support operations, project management, marketing, copywriting, or media buying. They stress the importance of identifying which aspects of your business are within your “genius zone” and where external expertise is needed to alleviate bottlenecks and improve organization.

Additionally, Michele and Celia discuss the decision to hire full-time employees versus contractors, depending on the stage of your company’s growth. They provide practical tips for building a mixed team, creating a culture of cross-training and growth opportunities, and overcoming team culture problems and bottlenecks to improve communication and productivity.

The episode also delves into the significance of clear expectations, KPIs, and timelines, and the use of project management software to streamline tasks and provide visibility for the entire team. They share their own experience with various project management tools, emphasizing the benefits of using the customized platform Notion.

Join Celia and Michele as they provide valuable insights on delegation, organization, and systemization, helping you optimize your processes, automate manual tasks, and increase your influence and impact in the business world.

Key Moments:

00:03:05 Hiring, team building, organization, and delegation expert.

00:07:09 Marketing expertise with a focus on automation.

00:11:17 Client needs vary, depending on current structure.

00:13:12 Depends on role, mix of contractors/employees.

00:18:30 Regularly share wins, thank and congratulate contractors. Clear expectations, deadlines, project management software, project manager.

00:23:46 Keep conversations in dedicated channels to maintain privacy.

00:25:08 Trusting and relying on team is crucial.

00:30:17 Diving deep into Notion, hiring expert builders.

00:32:21 Experts simplify business dashboards for clear insights.

About Michele Lambert:

Michele is a career digital marketer obsessed with efficiency and effectiveness, creating streamlined systems and processes and recruiting A-players to grow an impactful business with a supportive team running the show so you can spend more time working ON your business instead of IN it.

She regularly invests in growth & learning, getting a behind the scenes views of what is working in businesses to bring you innovative marketing & operations strategy while growing a network of A-players to help carry you to the next level.

Her unique abilities are perspective & connection with the ability to see a high level view of the actions to take to achieve your goals then sourcing the team to execute, helping you build your dream business & lifestyle.

She’s a nerd for all things business, connection, travel, trees and (especially) dogs.

How to connect with Michele Lambert: