The full moon in November of last year fell on 11/11. I remember feeling very connected to this moon because alignments were just beginning to happen for me. I had been working to build an online business for over a year, and my vision was just starting to come together. Just a few weeks before that, I had naturally connected with my first online client, and I knew that so much more was possible.

For the full moon, I decided to perform a small fire ceremony at 11:11 p.m. I chose to burn the paper where I had written down what I was ready to release and a few intentions for my new desires.

I don’t remember everything that was written on that piece of paper I burned. But, the one thing I do remember was setting the intention to make $10,000 in my online business. I was amazed when just 4 to 5 months after the fire ceremony, I had several contracts signed by online clients which brought $10,000 of income into my business.

Just 4 to 6 weeks after the 11/11/15 full moon, my life began to shift radically and deep, soul-level clearing work began. In my life, I began to make big changes. These changes were upsetting to some of the people who loved me and didn’t want to lose me, but my calling was so much bigger that my mind could grasp, and all I desired was to honor that call.

It took so much trust and a big leap of faith to make financial investments in myself and to receive the proper support. I had spent so many years saying ‘yes’ to other people’s dreams and visions. The time had arrived to say ‘yes’ to me.

During last year’s 11/11/15 full moon, something deep shifted within me, and I was able to release the need to live my life for other people. That release helped me to reclaim my freedom and become the woman I am today. I live on my own terms. I have the freedom to set my schedule any way that I desire. I get to work with the most amazing women from across the globe and support them with their deeply personal and professional shifts. This was made possible because first, I asked Spirit to guide and lead me to honor the deep call from within my soul. Second, I made myself unavailable for any person or situation that did not honor or reflect my worth. Third, I kept on going, day after day. I showed up for myself, my business, and my audience; I honored my deep call.

One year from now, you could be full-time with your own business; you could be traveling the world; you could be climbing to a new level of success. Whatever you desire is completely possible in this amazing and abundant universe that we live in.

Here are three simple steps to create a pathway for unlimited success:

(1) Ask Spirit to guide and lead you to honor the deep call from within your soul.

(2) Make yourself unavailable to any person, situation, or limiting beliefs that do not honor or reflect your worth.

(3) Keep on going, day after day. Show up for yourself, your business, and your audience. Honor your deep call.