When Pete came to me for coaching, he was trying to figure out how to get his business up and running while still working his regular day job. He was scared to make the leap in fear of falling on his face and having to start the day job cycle over again. Our first steps included shifting his mindset, determining his ideal client and building an audience who wanted his high-ticket offers. 

Streamlining his processes and focusing on his clients rather than just the money has helped him gain renewed contracts. He signed on eight coaching clients and six design clients which in turn helped him surpass $70K in annual revenue during his first year in business.  

Here is what Pete had to say about working together: 

“She helped me reroute when I got sidetracked and stay focused on what really matters in my business – the people I’m helping and what they’re really dealing with that I help them solve.

If you are a service provider, especially a coach who wants an online-in-person hybrid business, Celia is the person to help you craft your specific offer, create messaging to connect with the right people and be able to lead a sales conversation that feels natural and reveals if the person is a good fit to work with you or not.”

Pete’s consistent client outreach and journey toward finding his ideal client are finally paying off. He is on his way to exceeding his goals and is celebrating his dependable income.

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