When Cyrina came to me, she felt like she was all over the place spinning her wheels. She didn’t know what to focus on to grow her business. She also struggled with knowing how and why she wasn’t generating sales. Things changed when she realized she had a hard time asking for the sale at higher price points.

Cyrina is now armed with a detailed plan of action to reach her goals and generate new leads each week.  She launched a 12-week transformation program and made her first high-ticket sale!

She now expresses herself with more authenticity.  As a result, she is able to communicate about the benefits of her work in a way that compels her ideal clients to hire her.

Cyrina has become more purposeful in her networking. She now identifies her ideal clients and communicates about the solutions she offers. As a result, she books more sales consultations and is closing more sales on a consistent basis.

Through our work together she became intentional about getting out and meeting clients. She stopped focusing on admin tasks and behind the scenes work in her business. She now knows how to make sales and is no longer spinning her wheels!

Here is what Cyrina had to say about working together:

“Celia taught me to see sales differently so that I’d be able to be confident in that area. She helped me see what my priorities should be in business so that I can consistently make sales. Every week, I shared my challenges and ideas;  Celia tailor-fit me with the information I needed in real-time.”

Cyrina pushed herself to get past her money mindset issues to ask for the sale with ease. She is transforming the lives of her clients and sharing her heart with the world!

What Cyrina had to say: