When my client Edel & I began working together she knew that she had the potential for growth and success. She struggled with deciding on the best course of action that would get her the results she sought. Juggling different areas of her business had her feeling unclear and confused.
As a result of us working together, she brought in the first sales of her 1K Euro package. Up until then, her highest priced sale had been 300 Euro.
She also launched a Guided Detox Program where she was able to monetize an existing audience. She had clients who were ready for more support, all she needed was an offer to promote!
During her coaching program, I worked with Edel to get clear on her big picture business strategy. From there, we focused on the daily business actives that were income generating. Edel learned the life-long skill of how to package her services and offers in a way that felt aligned.
At a deeper level, she started speaking to her ideal clients using language that felt right for her.
These powerful changes helped her to achieve the financial results she’d been seeking.
In regards to the coaching process, Edel had this to say:
“Celia works with a very loving & supportive manner. She holds a safe space for her clients to express themselves and grow. The benefits of her coaching are not only for the business alone, they spill out into every aspect of our lives.”