Join host Celia Faye Meisel on an enlightening episode of More Influence and Impact, where she delves into the story of transformation with special guest Tara Nolan, a beacon of empowerment who turned a personal tragedy into a triumphant blueprint for aligning business with life’s true calling. Discover how Tara’s groundbreaking Dream Methodology can inspire you to assess your life, set audacious goals, and create a business that fully resonates with your personal priorities.

In this episode, Tara shares her remarkable journey from the fast-paced corporate world to a year of soul-searching following the loss of a dear friend. Drawing from her experiences in spirituality, yoga, and global happiness philosophies, she constructs a pathway for others to follow. Tara also discusses her life-altering inspiration from books like “Eat, Pray, Love,” highlighting how she publicly declared her intentions and pivoted towards helping others crystallize their visions.

Find out how to dream beyond the conceivable, leverage your inner truth to transform lives, and navigate the challenges of building a seven-figure business while juggling the roles of single motherhood. Tara candidly talks about the struggles of almost returning to the corporate world, learning how to thrive with purpose-driven work, and the importance of the “M” principle in staying committed through life’s hurdles.


Key Moments:

00:00 Successful sales executive finds new perspective after tragedy.

05:04 Spiritual suffering, Catholic upbringing, corporate world avoidance.

09:20 Dream big, live without limits, transform life.

10:49 Shift consciousness to imagine unlimited possibilities and joy.

14:35 Soul, purpose, and success within spiritual philosophy.

19:01 Commit to your purpose, seek support, succeed.

20:38 Reevaluate, pivot, and flow with life’s opportunities.

24:32 Manifest Live event in Milwaukee offers business insights.

27:03 Manifest live content on building a foundation.

29:26 Celia Meisel expresses gratitude to audience.


About Tara Nolan:

Now known as “Transformation Tara,” Tara Nolan combines her experience in corporate sales with cultural awareness from worldwide travel and spiritual study to take a holistic approach to modern business.

She guides heart-centered coaches and spiritual entrepreneurs to break free so they can create soul-calling success and live their dream life.

Tara dedicated years of study to Eastern Philosophy, Psychology, Spirituality & Yogic Lifestyle on a quest for knowledge on happiness and deep-level fulfillment.  Through this journey, she also learned what is possible in the world of online business and social media to build a purpose-driven business, that allows freedom in living anywhere doing anything.


After traveling over six continents and 25 countries solo, and navigating her path through loss, love, career change and single motherhood, Tara has found her gift in guiding others to find their true purpose, step into their power and finally love life!


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