Join host Celia Faye Meisel on a riveting journey into the heart of entrepreneurial resilience in this episode of “More Influence and Impact.” Our esteemed guest, Scott Gabdullin, brings a wealth of knowledge and personal experience as we delve into the vital strategies for overcoming the hurdles that business owners face.

Discover Scott’s unique perspective on the importance of perseverance, gleaned from his diverse background — from immigrating from Kazakhstan and working with top tech companies to paving a successful path in digital marketing and co-owning the dynamic agency, Authority Factors. As we explore his entrepreneurial transition, Scott candidly shares his motivation for career change and the informed risks that have significantly shaped his journey.

We dive into practical advice that taps into psychological insights and the profound impact of pattern interrupts to gain fresh business perspectives. Scott discusses scaling business operations, leveraging productized services, and the significance of partnering with individuals whose strengths complement your own.

From starting as a freelance agency to growing businesses to significant revenue milestones, learn how Scott’s focus on brand-building and innovative equity deals has cultivated a diverse portfolio ranging from traditional businesses to lead generation websites.


Key Moments:

00:00 Transition from engineering to digital marketing agencies.

04:17 Took a risk for a better life.

10:00 Realizing we’re not unique, finding common solutions.

11:26 Seek diverse experiences and stay open-minded.

16:59 Offer equity to build brand together effectively.

20:11 Building portfolio of businesses with exit strategy.

21:59 Partner with strong operators, focus on marketing.

24:38 Agree with approach, delegate to new expertise.

28:10 Unique name ensures top Google search result.

About Scott Gabdullin:

Scott Gabdullin is a Canadian entrepreneur, investor, and search marketing expert. He has a proven track record of turning the trickle of prospects into a roaring cascade of business opportunities.

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