When Gina came to me, she was struggling to ask clients to pay for her services. Her money mindset was lacking and quite negative. She had a horrible relationship with money and wanting it made her feel greedy. 

Gina now has a positive mindset about receiving money and requires payment before beginning work with her clients.  

During Gina’s coaching sessions, we spent time digging into the root causes of her negative mindset and then created positive mindset affirmations around her business and sales strategy.  Shifting from a lack of money mindset has changed Gina’s business. She created a VIP package for her clients and feels immense peace of mind about the services she provides to her clients. 

Here is what Gina had to say about working together: 

“Hiring Celia was one of the greatest gifts I gave to myself, my business and my marriage. Celia can get to the root of the blocks and then taught me how to elevate myself. She lives what she teaches and is a true beacon of light. I would not be as far along in my first year of business had I not hired Celia.”

Gina has a newfound appreciation for meditation and positive self-talk regarding money. She has shared this habit with her husband, and they have both released their anxiety around money. 

Participant: Gina Cobb “Gina the Gemologist”, ginamcobb.com