When Cathy came to me, her coaching business was just a mere thought. She struggled with deciding what to offer her clients more than she already was. We took the time to dig deep and create her brand from inception to launch-ready.

Cathy now has a 12-week transformational fitness program to offer and coach her clients through.  

Creating her well-planned marketing strategy is now paying off for Cathy. She recently offered free 30-minute fitness strategy sessions. From this offer, she coached seven people, which has turned into two potential clients. 

Here is what Cathy had to say about working together: 

“Celia followed my pace very well which enabled her to address my specific challenges. I enjoyed her personal attention to details and heart-centered approach. 

I felt very connected and always encouraged with her very positive approach. I highly recommend Celia at any level of business. She is well trained to work with startups as well as established entrepreneurs looking to take their business to the next level.”

Cathy’s hard work and determination has pushed her to a new level. She is ready to use the tools that we have created together to succeed in her new coaching business.

Cathy Carter