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  • You’re tired of not having the life you desire.
  • You’re ready to earn more.
  • You’re ready to drop the money stress.
  • You’re ready to leave all worry behind for good.
  • You’re beyond ready for your business to take flight.
  • You’re ready to get over your “stuff” so that you can make a big impact in the world through helping others and following your entrepreneurial calling.
  • You desire a heart-centered + connected community
  • You want to STAY in Energetic Alignment
  • You desire Connection With A Coach Who Understands You
  • You want to Grow & Evolve Your Spiritual Gifts
  • You desire High-Value Relationships
  • You desire to Grow & Sustain A High-Level Business

Community, Connection, Alignment, Action, Strategy, and Focus


will provide all you need to take flight in the direction of your dreams!


This group is for those who do not have the immediate resources to invest thousands in 1-1 private coaching or high-end group coaching yet desire immediate aligned support to leap toward your big goals and dreams.


By joining a community of similar entrepreneurs who are putting in the work & choosing to align with a high-level coach you are saying YES to your dreams, your business, and your purpose.


Your alignment, your habits, and your commitment to yourself must be a #1 top priority in order to have the leading edge & the greatest opportunity of experiencing well-rounded success in today’s business world.

  • Private Membership Community of High Vibe Entrepreneurs (priceless)
  • Instant Access to a meditation library featuring: 7 meditations for wealth and abundance, 4 spiritual alignment meditations, 4 sound journeys, 2 celestial meditations, 1 meditation intensive ($896 value)
  • Ongoing Calendar of Live Monthly Trainings PLUS two Sales & Monetization Intuitive Group Coaching Calls ($750 per month value)

Shine Online – Online Marketing & Spiritual Tactics Course for Biz Success ($1,111 value)


MerKaBa Lightbody Activation – Activate Your LightBody, Enhance Your Psychic Gifts, and Raise Your Vibration ($88 value)


21 Proven Practices for Receiving & Financial Wealth – Money course consisting of proven wealth creation meditations, journaling exercises, nighttime rituals, sales strategies and more!  ($1,600 value)


The Infinitely Empowered Prayer Kit – A Mindset Support System to Help You Grow & Thrive ($47 value)


The Chakra Series – 4-week course covering how to interpret chakra alignments & misalignments in business, how to clear, heal, and realign the 7 major chakras using intention, color, and sound. ($397 value)

Total Value for All Courses Included = $3,243

About Celia

Celia Faye Meisel is a Coach & Spiritual Teacher for Unconventional Business Women & Men. She is a pioneer for pioneering men & women who seek to connect with their highest innermost truths. She guides her clients and students into the depths of their truth to bring through amazing businesses that make an impact in this world. A lifelong entrepreneur, business tactics and strategies for monetizing run through her veins. Spiritually awakened since 3 years old, she knows the power of the realms beyond matter and works with the Akashic records to connect clients back to their Starborn roots.