When you combine business strategy & energetic practices you create profound results.



Are you ready to add an upgraded daily practice that will lead to a positive shift in your money mindset?


The Divine Money Flow Prayer is a simple 2-step ritual (audio + pdf).

This prayer combined with action & aligned business strategy helped me to create over 15K in business revenue when I went full time with my online coaching business in 2016. It is timeless, proven, & tested.


Are you ready?



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About Celia

Celia Faye Meisel is a Business Coach + Sales Trainer for Online Coaches, Consultants, and Practitioners in specialty niche-based businesses. She is creator and founder of The Unstoppable Earners group coaching + training membership.

Celia specializes in guiding her clients to create congruency in their businesses through aligned offers that convert via soulful sales conversations.