Today’s marketplace is evolving even more rapidly than ever before and it will only continue to speed up and evolve. It’s a beautiful thing!

Entrepreneurship requires commitment, resilience, and adaptability. Yet, when the time comes to change, adapt, and evolve in response to the evolution of one’s business AND the marketplace, it’s not easy to just pick up and reinvent your business overnight, it can take months. This is where spiritual practice and the first two pillars of Infinitely Empowered, “Be & Create,” became my sanctuary over the last few months as my business began to evolve. If I had tried to stay in the energy of “Doing” constantly I would have been worn out and frustrated because the time necessary for creation would have been nonexistent!

Fall 2017 Marks My Three-Year Anniversary Of My Online Entrepreneurship Journey


  • Year 1 was my startup year. It was the time that I manifested a coach and created my first WordPress Blog, set up a lead pages opt-in, a free consult page, and my email list. That year I made an awesome side income as a Sound Healer, offering in-person healing sessions, monthly group meditations, and traveling to expos.
  • Year 2 was kicked-off with my Akashic Awakening. It was the time when my 25+ year career as a musician was no longer aligned to my Soul’s purpose and I began releasing contracts and commitments over a 9-month period. This was the time that my calling as a Business Mentor sprung forth. I’d had so many years of success running my music business, and I absolutely loved the nuts and bolts of online business, I was ready to take it to the next level. At that time I incorporated my gift as a Sound Healer with business coaching and saw great success by having a 2K in-person group workshop launch, raising my rates, and soon signing my first 15K in high-end coaching clients.
  • Year 3 was the first time in my life that I was 100% self-employed without any freelance work. During that year I made the most money I ever had in a business, which was approached 70K. This was the time that I began focusing on supporting my clients with Akashic Empowerment, by offering readings and clearings in addition to coaching them with their businesses. This was an incredible time because I was able to empower so many women with the knowledge of their Akashic Inheritance and Akashic Lineage. Then, while wrapping up my first year as a full-time coach, I found myself burnt out, depleted, exhausted, and frustrated that the majority of my life was spent at the computer or on my phone. This burnout phase is what led me to re-invent my biz model and create Infinitely Empowered.

Why I Shifted My Business With My Ideal Client In Mind


While coaching my clients during year 3, I noticed a common theme with my clients, they seemed stressed about their finances all of the time or worried about where their next client would come from, rather than feeling empowered to create and make the most of our time together.

Looking back, I see that part of this was new-coach learning and growth for me. The other part was tied to the reality that none of my coaches were truly holding the frequency of wealth for ME as a client. I now know that the energetic transference of wealth begins with the coach holding the intention for herself AND her clients. She must hold that frequency with unwavering certainty and knowing, otherwise the energy can get really wobbly for everyone.

Reflecting back on the clients that I’ve supported, I am now able to create and coach from a deeper level of experience. Solo Entrepreneurs who do not have a lot of capital to invest (at any stage from Soulful Startup to Experienced Entrepreneur) are much better off investing in mindset support, confidence building, marketing skills, ideal client alignment, online tools, and online systems. There is a time for high-end coaching and high-level investments, but if you invest too much, too soon, you run the risk of not receiving what you really need at that particular stage of your business development.

Currently, my private clients meet the following criteria: they have been in business for 2+ years, they have a team or employees, they have a stable family life with consistent cash flow or capital to invest (this helps with balancing out business bills or coaching fees when monthly income waivers). For all other clients, especially Solo Entrepreneurs who are Change Makers, Energy Workers, and High-Frequency Biz Owners, I have created a new program called Shine Online.

Akashic Empowerment, Mindset, Marketing, & Shine Online


Shine OnlineAs an Akashic Empowerment Expert, I discovered that I didn’t need to give every client a personal reading for them to get into energetic alignment with their strengths, if each client is serious and committed enough, he or she will align to their Soulful Superpowers and go very far in their businesses. This is covered in Shine Online Module 1, Soulful Superpowers Unleash Your Uniqueness, Identify Your Soulful Superpowers, and Fully Know Your Gifts.


My gift as an Akashic Empowerment Expert also guided me to begin understanding the importance of Karmic shifts. That in order for my ideal clients to step into the income and impact their Souls are guiding them to attract, they must be able to call in a new Karmic situation, because your Karma is related to the groups you are associated with, you will need to be willing to step forward as a leader and call in your ideal client group. This is covered in Shine Online Module 2, Karmic Completion Complete Karmic Lessons to Fully Embody Your Purpose and Attract Your Deepest Desires.


My gift as a Mindset Coach and background as a musician, guided me to begin understanding the power of the creative process for my shine onlineideal clients. So often in the coaching industry, we are taught to outline a program, identify the outcomes, and slap a price tag on it without a plan for creating resources and transformational outcomes. Too many times my clients were stuck with program creation, evolving their services, or creating resources for their clients – I found that the missing foundational elements of Soulful Superpower alignment and the Karmic Shift were what stopped them from being able to create with ease. Once those elements were in place the inner impact could begin so that they experienced profound levels of creativity! This is covered in Shine Online Module 3, Inner Impact Find Your Inner Impact and Expand Into Abounding Universal Magic.


My gift of seeing how a service-based business owner must be able to tackle their client’s biggest problems and create clear messaging and solutions around what those problems are led to the creation of Shine Online Module 4, Profitable Purpose Tackle Your Ideal Client’s Biggest Problems and Profit From Your Purpose. This is where the biz owner is awakened to the mastery of their own gifts to solve their client’s biggest problems, ultimately creating more peace on the planet!Shine Online


The Shine Online journey from Akashic Empowerment (Being) to Mindset (Creating) naturally opened the pathway for high-level marketing skills development and implementation (Doing) which is where the magic happens as you begin connecting with ideal clients and prospects in Shine Online Module 5, Consistent Connection Create An Energetic Connection that Consistently Attracts Your Ideal ClientsModule 6, Marketing Maven Tap Into Your Inner Marketing Maven and Reveal Your Expert Status OnlineModule 7, Automatic Attraction Leverage Your Energy to Automatically Attract Ideal Clients from Anywhere on the Planetand Module 8, Money Mastery: Master Your Money Habits and Create Infinite Wealth.


Through the linked page, you can reserve your spot in Shine Online today and receive immediate support to begin changing your life and shine onlinebusiness forever! If you’re not sure and you want to connect with me further to find out if we are and aligned match, be sure to “like” and follow my Facebook Business Page for the free upcoming live training sessions I will be running there.

To Your Infinite Empowerment!

Celia Faye Meisel